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The Island of Bali

Bali is just one of the islands in Indonesia. Yet it is the most visited one. There are many reasons for high tourism and I can assure you won’t be disappointed.

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How to get there?

The most connected International airport is the Ngurah Rai International Airport. The airport is pretty clean and easy to navigate. The immigration was not too long either. As you come out, we found around hundreds of drivers with name cards.

We generally book our flights using Google flights. It has provided with cheap, convenient and good airlines options. Do check it and let us know.

Where to stay?

We distributed our days on the island by 5 nights in Ubud at Wadari Retreat and 3 nights in Grand WhizNusa dua. The reason for this will be clear with the list of things to do and see in Bali. The accommodation was chosen from Trivago and Booking.com the steps for which are below.

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First – open Trivago website. Add your destination, dates and any filters like free breakfast or wifi etc. Once you get a list of hotels, you will also find the cheapest website selling that hotel like booking.com, agoda, hotels.com etc. We have so far found agoda to be the cheapest site to book accommodation.

Second – once I have found the hotel and the booking site, I check if there is any cashback available for that website. Topcashback gives 4% on booking.com and 11% for Expedia bookings.

Third – I always check the hotel’s own website to make sure that I am getting the best deal.

With these steps, we have been able to find cheap good quality accommodations and never a bad sleep. Because we all know how much tourists dislike a bad sleep cranky day. Do let us know if this was helpful or what methods you use to find hotels.

What to see?


  • Rice fields – they are the most beautiful thing. Before seeing them, I was like it is just crop and farms but trust me it was unbelievable. You can choose to visit the famous Telagang but just enjoyed the rice fields outside our room near Wadari Retreat hotel.
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  • Ubud palace – it is pretty interesting place with big statues. The only problem is there was no information about the place anywhere. I felt a bit pointless to visit this place.
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  • Sarawati temple – just a few steps away from Ubud palace is this magnificent Saraswati temple. The entrance takes you to a large pond with a path to a massive orange gate. Noone is allowed inside the temple. But the pond and the scenery is just beautiful and peaceful. There was cafe from where the view of the pond was amazing. There was also a Starbucks at the entrance of this temple.
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  • Ubud market – you might get mesmerised by all the arty stuff and souvenirs but soon it wears off as every stall is selling almost the same things. Also you have to haggle a lot. We did not buy anything except for a fridge magnet. Just to make you aware, the silver sold here is fake and is made for mass production.
  • Monkey forest – this was the most interesting place according to me in ubud. The monkeys were well behaved and did not do any harm. We also got to watch them at feeding time. There was so much greenery that I forgot I was in a city but in Tomb Raider movie.This place is a gem and a must visit.
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  • Lewang dance – if you are into art and culture, then you will enjoy this show. It is a combination of traditional balinese dances and theatre acts performed by Balinese artists inside the Ubud palace. Tickets are sold for 100000 rupiah by the official counter or agent. The only problem was that it was outdoors without a fan in 30 degrees temperature for 4 hours. So if you are prepared for it then do not miss the show. They run Monday to Friday and weekends is Ramayana play.

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Nusa dua

  • Nusa dua beach – every hotel in nusa dua has their own section of the beach with sun lounges and umbrellas. The current was quite strong so not great for swimming but we just relaxed for some time.
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  • Bali collection – this was such a disappointment. An outdoor market area with same souvenir shops and overpriced restaurants. Most of the hotels in Nusa dua have free shuttle bus to this place. Interestingly we did get 20% discount from a restaurant and a free coconut because we were hesitant to have food there. Also even though it looks like shops, you can still negotiate while shopping here.
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  • Gwk park – a must visit place and only 25 minutes away from Nusa dua. We hired grab rental for 4 hours from Nusa dua and went to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park. The area of this place is so hige that it took us 25 minutes of walking from the ticket counter to the first statue after taking a 10 minute free shuttle from the car park to the ticket counter. The good thing is that we got free drinks and scarves with the tickets. You could spend a day just watching different shows run by the park along with the statue of Garuda which is 4th tallest in the world. The park entry closes at 6 pm so plan accordingly.
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  • Uluwatu temple – the sunset fron the cliff at Uluwatu temple was the highlight of our visit to Bali. It was just magical. It was so beautiful that we could see the sun go down from the curvature of earth. The sea the sun the temple it was just serene.

What to shop?

You could buy a lot of souvenirs from Bali. I could have filled up a bag if I had a choice. But as we are travelling for 6 months and have luggage constraints, we just bought a magnet, a sarong and a coin pouch. Things you can buy from Bali, especially from Ubud market is as follows

  • Silver jewellery
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  • Dream catcher
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  • Jute bags
  • Sarong
  • Shell mirror
  • Wooden carved artifacts like animals, krishna etc
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  • Carved Soaps
  • Lewak coffee

And the list is endless. But do not forget to bargain.

Hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Do follow our Instagram account @pretravels or more pictures and every day travel updates.

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