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Sydney in 5 days

Sydney  is the combination of urban and boho at the same time. There is something for everyone here. Don’t believe, read on.

Sydney is a very cosmopolitan city. You will find people from all over the world here. The city is very busy and the public transport just proves the point. Tubes, trains and buses are well connected and easy to use. So let’s begin with what we did for 5 days in Sydney!

Day 1

Bondi Beach

We spent a day here even in winter. Imagine what it will be to spend a day in summer. The view from the hill, where people have picnic, play music or just relax is pretty amazing. The beach is great if you are a surfer. Just a walk from the Bondi beach is this beautiful pool called Bondi Icebergs pool. If hiking is you thing, you can take the coastal walk around the corner from the beach.

Day 2

Darling Harbour

Another day spent at Darling Harbour. This place has shopping, a lot of restaurants, and Sea aquarium. The restaurants were pretty expensive but we did manage to find a food hall which had a lot of vegetarian options. It also has this amazing view of the river. Every Saturday evening they have fireworks and it is free to watch.

Day 3

Sydney Zoo

If you are visiting Sydney for your birthday, know that you can visit the Sydney Zoo for $1, basically free. We visited the zoo on my husbands birthday. It is like no other zoo in the world. It is next to a Natural Reserve to start with so it is as un-urban as possible. The animals are not trapped in cages. We saw so many Turkeys, Parakeets and many other birds just roaming in the zoo. The highlight was the experience with Koalas. We got to meet a Koala up close while it was sleeping on a tree branch. We spoke to the caretaker about Koala facts and found out they don’t like being social with other Koalas or touched by humans. We also saw giraffes, elephants, gorillas, kangaroos, wallabies, and many bird species.

Day 4

Manly Beach to Sydney Opera house

Another day was spent visiting the Manly beach from Sydney Opera house and you can use the Opal card to board the ferry. Manly beach is much more relaxed and less crowded compared to Bondi beach. On the return, we spent time taking a stroll to the Opera house and a closer look at the Sydney bridge.

Day 5

Harris Park

We spent a day just relaxing at Siam Orchid in the middle of the city. It was an amazing experience even though the place was small and looked a bit shady. The next stop was to the mini India in Sydney. Harris park is known to be populated with Indians and Indian restaurants. We had pani puri, pav bhaji, a lot of other street food and a sweet paan to end the meal. It was fun to visit Sydney and we enjoyed our stay.

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