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Hawaii,  USA

3 days in Hawaii

Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace.

Paul Theroux

Yes I know it is a crazy idea to do Hawaii in just 3 days but trust me you won’t regret it. We were flying from Seattle and had to take a stopover in Hawaii before flying to Australia. And we are glad we got out of the airport, and enjoyed this paradise for the little time we had.
Day 1
We landed in the afternoon at the Honolulu Airport. It is the most open airport with least security I have ever visited. The airport has an open chinese themed garden inside its building and it is beautiful. The city is only half an hour from the airport so Uber/Lyft is reasonable. We stayed in Waikiki Hotel La Croix to reduce travelling time. After freshening up, we headed to the night markets near the Hilton Hotel only after seeing the most beautiful sunset from the Waikiki beach. The market has quite a few restaurants, shops, and live music. This is the place to be at night in Waikiki. During the day, this area is bustling with people sunbathing, learning to swim in the Lagoons, surfing or just chilling at the beach. The famous Hawaiian Cookies co has a store here and gives free tasters, what more do we need. There are a lot of pearl shops here, a lot. Do your research beforehand and don’t get mugged. Being vegetarian is not that easy in Hawaii so we stuck to Subway veggie patties.

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Sunset at Waikiki beach

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Night market near Hilton Village

Day 2
Our aim and goal was to do snorkelling in Hawaii and what better location than Hanauma Bay. It is a reef that was created after a volcanic activity several years ago. So the environment is the best for corals and fishes to flourish. The entry is only $7.50 per person from 7:30 am to 5 pm. You can find more details about parking, daily updates etc here. There is a shop to hire snorkeling glasses and fins. But we got ours from Snorkel Bob as we needed prescription glasses and they are cheaper than the one at the park.  There are also lockers with unlimited access so you can remove anything any time. Also reef safe sunscreen as not all sunscreens off the shelf are good for marine life. We had not done snorkeling before ever so this was our first time and not ot mention without a guide/tutor. And trust me we enjoyed a lot. The videos and pictures will only help your imagination. Only thing to remember to take food and water as it is expensive to buy at the park and there is only one restaurant. Snorkeling is a tiring activity so that evening we relaxed taking a stroll around the city and supermarkets to buy essentials.
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Day 3
The morning started with a walk to the waikiki beach. A little crowded but a lot strong current. Compared to Hanauma bay, the waves were really fast. So we took a stroll to the nearby luxury stores. There is a lot of shopping options for all age groups and in all price ranges. In the afternoon, we left for the Luau ceremony in Paradise Cove. It is traditional Hawaiian dinner ceremony which has been commercialised for tourists with dance performances and traditional activities of Hawaiian culture. It is a one time must experience if you are visiting first time. And yes they do serve vegetarian food. The best part was the sunset. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. The sky had turned orange, and the sun was going down at the end of the sea. Almost felt like I could see where the earth ends or atleast curves. The horizon was blue as the sea took it waves, the orange sun was going down and the green land in between was where I stood with the love of my life. This was the end of our Hawaii trip but the memories are still in front of me.

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