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Yes we know how hard it is to save up for travelling and most of it goes in buying flights. Flying is not cheap and not always easy. Finding the right flights  to your destination can be tricky and time consuming. In this article we will take about myths, tricks and hacks about flying.

Booking Flight
Try different comparison websites like Kayak, Skyscanner, Google flights (you will be surprised), Skiplagged (in USA) always to book your flights. Using these websites, gives you an option of booking flights through not so known websites like opodo, last minute, etc. Now you would say is it safe to book through these websites? The answer is yes if you book travel insurance immediately after you have booked your flights. This will help you claim against any cancellations or changes to your flight.

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Myth : It is cheaper to fly with frequent flyers. The reason for that is you will need a lot of credit cards, hotel schemes, managing the credit card payments and even then it won’t be free. Some credit cards do give free lounge access like American Express gold. You will still have to pay the airport taxes, admin fees and some minimum fare charges. So be careful if you are going to go down that path.
Myth: Using incognito is the way to avoid paying more for flights. NO. The flight prices remain the same. Yes I have checked a couple of times and the prices remained the same. Also checking the flight again and again does not increase the price of the flight in UK or USA but the prices do fluctuate if you are booking in India. So be careful.
Flight Cancellations
Check the terms of individual flights, which generally allows to make changes or cancel your flight booking in between 12- 72 hours. So do read the terms and the fine print to check this as it will save you money and time. If you are booking through an agent, you can find an easy replacement flight from them. Always ask.
Most flights have become strict on their luggage requirements and have stopped giving free check in bags to lower their cost. Now remember you can take a cabin bag or hand luggage with generally a standard size of  56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. BUT always check your airline’s website to make sure you take the right size as European airlines are very strict with the size of bags. Ryanair and easyjet will actually charge you if it is a centimeter more than the allowance. If you are not a heavy traveller, buy cheap seats and then buy one check in rather than buying two expensive tickets.
Most of the airlines ask you to pay for seats these days. It is okay if you are travelling alone but if you are travelling with partner or family, you do want to sit together. What we do is check in right at the beginning of the check in window for eg if it is 24 hours before the flight, we would check in 23 hours before minimum. This way we always found seats together for free as I don’t like paying extra for seats. If you are checking in at the airport, you can ask them to give you seats together. The last resort is to ask your fellow traveller politely if you can switch seats. There is no harm in trying.
We are vegetarians so by default we select veg meals on flights. There are lot many options these days with the vegan bandvagon. So one thing we have found is if you order a special meal, you will get it before everyone else. This is not a rule for all airlines or flights. But seems like logical. So I always order asian veg and Jay orders normal veg, and I always end up having lunch/dinner first on the plane. If you don’t like food on the flight, you can buy takeaways at the airport. This will mean that you can plan your time on flight and don’t have to wait to sleep till they serve dinner. Even if you don’t take full meal, always carry some snacks and a drink you like or eat everyday. This will make you feel comfortable and you will settle down faster.
So flying can be easy if you have a system of booking flights, seats, baggage and meals. Some random tips to consider are taking a moisturiser, mints or sweets, energy bars, inhaler (if you have breathing issues at high altitudes), neck pillow, eye mask and anything else that reminds you of home.
Hope you find this article helpful. If you want to know more of our travels, do read on here

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