Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Walking in the dessert, playing in the casino, watching broadway shows or strolling on hotel lobbies you can find what you like here. Vegas is not just about gambling or partying and that is something I realised on the first day of arrival.

We arrived from LA as part of our 15 day travel across USA. Checked in at The Venetian was easy grand and luxurious. It is a city in itself. If you don’t have a map, you might get lost. It has a casino, lobbies, restaurants, a river with gondolas, bakeries, almost all of the worlds luxury brand stores and yes rooms to stay.  The good part is that there is a security desk before the lifts to go up to the room.

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Getting there
You could fly but we were adventurous to take the $20 Greyhound bus from LA downtown to Las Vegas. The bus breaks down everytime it drives through death valley because of brakes heating. But regular travellers said it is normal and the bus still reached in time to vegas.
We stayed at The Venetian, The rooms are spacious, speaks luxury and relaxing at the same time. There is a separate seating area, study area, sleeping area and a very big bathroom. The bathroom had a dressing area, separate toilet, a bath and a huge mirror. I know too many details but I really enjoyed the stay. Dinner at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, breakfast at Grand Lux cafe, lunch at El Segundo Sol and dessert at Sugar Factory is the perfect food coma you want on a holiday to vegas. We also stayed a night in The Palazzo which is owned by the same company as The Venetian. Except for the lobbies and decor, everything is same in this hotel. The rooms at both these hotels are identical.

Things to do in Vegas

  1. The Strip

The drama happens here. All the famous hotels are here. All the touristy crowd is here. Taking a stroll in the evening on the strip, enjoying the Bellagio fountain, watching tourists take pictures was a lot of fun.
2. The Pawn Store
Even if you have watched the Pawn Stars, it is a unique place to visit this place. It has a lot of quirky things, antiques, some silver and a lot of jewellery. You can buy them and also souvenirs from the show.
3. The World’s Biggest Gift shop
It keeps true to its name. It is built in a semi circle like shops filled with so many random souvenirs, clothes, gifts, elvis souvenirs, jewellery, crockery, household items, I don’t even remember a lot of it. Not for everyone but I am sure you will find something.
4. Old vegas
Not so old, this part of vegas is very lively. The freemount street zipline, ennumerous small casinos, live music and dancing. Old nugget is one of the must visit places here for how old it is. Also if you are not too much onto gambling but want to try your luck, go to different casinos on this street as the minimum bets are between $5 to $10 compared to $20/$50 on the stirp.
5. Flamingos
Yes there are real flamingos inside The Flamingo hotel. I know right. But yes if you like flamingos, you will enjoy it.

We generally travelled in Uber or Lyft pool around the city. Walking is something very difficult because of the heat. In september 2017, it was around 35 degree celsius and that was scorching. Public transport is not so common. So we just took cabs. Also Lyft is cheaper than Uber in states.
So hope you enjoy Vegas. Don’t drink and drive. Be safe!

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