15 Days in America

Yes you can see USA in 15 days. Now you will say no that is not possible. It is. Read on to know more.

So we planed this trip for a long time and were not decided on doing both East and West coast of USA. After a lot of research, talking to friends and family, and financial analysis; we cam to a conclusion that we should do it.
And we were more than happy that we did it. USA is humongous, so trying to see everything is next to impossible. I am always of the belief, you will see everything of the city unless you live there. Wish we could do that, but being realistic, here is the itinerary.
Day 1- 3
Fly into Los Angeles. For flights try Skyscanner or Kayak. You can download Lyft or Uber apps before you go or at the airport. Most of the places Lyft is cheaper but from the airport Uber is cheaper. If you don’t mind going around the city before you reach your destination then take a pool ride. gives the best stay options. More details here.

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Day 4 – 7
Next stop, Las Vegas. You could spend all 14 days here and go bankrupt(haha). Honestly 3 to 4 days are enough. You can take Greyhound bus service from LA to Vegas if you want to save some money and get good dessert views on the way. Sometimes the ride could be more than 4 hours because of bus issues, but it is worth the risk. More details on Vegas here.
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Day 8- 10
Dallas, Texas. Now you will ask why. We could not go to Miami because of hurricane. Apparently September is a hurricane month on the East coast. So we decided to stay with a friend for 2 days. There a couple of things to do in Dallas, details here.
Day 11 – 13
Philadelphia was the next stop. For flying internally in states, use Skiplagged. They do good cheap flights. You will have to buy bags but they aren’t that expensive. More about Philadelphia here.
Day 14 – 15
New York. You might think this as crazy but we did most of the sight seeing in a day. It is an expensive city to stay. And it is very similar to London so we thought it would be okay just to spend a night. More details here.
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As you can see there is loads to talk about, I have written separate blogs for each city to avoid a long post. Hope this helps your plan your next trip and some motivation to travel.

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