Colourful Marrakech

Love culture? Love scenic views? Love shopping? This city is for you.

Marrakech has so much to offer. From the scenic beauty of the mountains to red walls of the houses, from the colourful tile work in palaces to leather bags in markets; everything is just so vibrant.
Only 3.5 hours away from London, Marrakech is the best destination for winter sun. Even though it is so close to UK, it has high temperatures of 23 degrees during the day and a bit chilly mornings and nights. But not to worry, as they have portable heaters in the hotels.
Easy-jet does the cheapest direct flights to Marrakech. Try and find a combination which are during the day to avoid extra taxi costs at night. Also it is safer. The queue at security in Marrakech airport was very long as we landed at 8 pm. So better to take a day flight.
Must stay in a Riad. They are very clean, well maintained and authentic. We loved staying in Riad Ennafora Tango. Even though we did a late night check in Akbadul helped us with everything and made us feel comfortable. We were served amazing breakfast by Loubna everyday. The best part was that they served us unlimited Moroccan mint Tea all day, anytime, anywhere in the Riad. The advantage of staying in riad is the distance from souks and tourist attractions. If you are going the winter months, having a pool in a riad won’t make much difference.

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Sight seeing:
There is too much to see. I would just list a few things here;

  • Jema-el-Fna *
  • Medina Gardens
  • Jardin Majorelle *
  • Bahia Palace
  • El Badi Palace *
  • Dar Si Siad
  • Ben Youssouf Museum
  • Ben Youssouf Madrasa *
  • YSL museum *

Ben Youssouf Museum

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Bahia Palace
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Riad Berbere
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El Badi
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Jardin Majorelle garden
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The ones star marked are must see attractions. When you go to Jardin Majorelle, buy a combo ticket to visit all locations- Garden, museum and YSL museum. It offers a lot of history, culture, textile insights of Marrakech.
The list is endless. Yes. Marrakech is a shopping paradise. But do not be fooled by the prices. So there is a shopping technique you must learn before you shop here. So when you are walking down the souks or streets, the shopkeepers will make comments on your clothes to get your attention or hard sell you. Try and look straight faced and not get intimidated. They will say an extortionate price for the goods. So the bargaining process will go back and forth. After all the conversation, make sure you only pay 1/3rd of the price originally quoted by the shopkeeper.

  • Rugs
  • Bags
  • Leather Products
  • Spices
  • Jewellery
  • Tagiene Maker
  • Ceramic cutlery
  • Argon oil
  • Perfumes
  • Scarves
  • Moroccan Tea
  • Slippers
  • Hat
  • Moroccan Tea Pot

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Tea Pot shopping could be a bit tricky. We spent 2 days doing research for the right one. You will see many sold in the souks but most of them are show pieces.  One trick to buy the right moroccon tea pot is to ask the shopkeeper to pour hot water in the pot to check if there are any cracks or to see if the pot is capable of holding hot water. Also make sure you buy a cloth handle holder in case the pot doesn’t have a plastic cover. Buy glasses which do not have printed design as they won’t last long.
Spa and Hammam:
You must experience the hammams while you are in Marrakech. It takes roughly around half hour and costs around Euros 15 to 20 depending on your choice of spa. Massages are also really relaxing. We went to Riad Berbere which is also under the same management as Riad Ennafora Tango.
Tagienes are the best things to have when you are in Marrakech. Being vegetarians we were worried but they make veg tagiene and they are yummy. Next thing to try is pastilla. It is a veg puff but with very thin and crispy crust. Desserts are made with dates and carrots and are to die for. Pancakes and bread have a different textures and are served with fresh jam, honey and cinnamon powder. We were served fresh orange juice everyday in breakfast which was so good.  And I cannot stop mentioning about the mint tea.
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Hope this is helpful to plan your trip to Marrakech. We had lots of fun and enjoyed the weather, culture and vibrancy of colours.

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