Love in Paris

When you hear the word Paris you think of love and the it does not disappoint you. Everything about this city is pretty, elegant and stylish. Vintage architecture and modern fashion, it is a blend of past and future. The most i loved was that it is for everyone – staying in luxury hotel or a small bnb flat. Your experiences will be completely different and that proves how much this city has to give to its tourists.

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I was inspired by the book called Love from Paris. A story about a British girl who finds herself and understands true love when she goes to stay with her friend in Paris on her birthday. It gives you the glimpse of the city and how a tourist would see Paris.

Where to Stay:

Honestly like i said earlier, a hotel would be luxury which means expensive but the experience will be classy. But if you don’t want to break the bank then you can also stay in a Bed and breakfast. Find one with a good view using map feature on AirBnb. We lived in The Hotel Fabric as my husband booked it for my birthday.

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The good thing was the hotel was close to restaurants, bakeries and metro station. Always remember wherever you go, pick a place to stay near food joints and transport links. It is just easier to enjoy your vacation.

Where to eat:

If you are a vegetarian then it might be a bit difficult to find food but do not forget every city in the world has either Ubereats, Deliveroo or Justeat. Fast food chains in Paris do not have veg options especially McDonalds. We tried Ubereats for ordering Indian food to our hotel and it was really good. However there are many good restaurants serving Italian and Chinese cuisine. To main and most important thing to eat in Paris is the confectionery. Known for their baking skills, Paris is heaven if you are a sweet tooth.

Madeleine is like a quick small sweet go-to thing to eat. A lot of cafe’s might give you one for free when you buy a coffee. Do get some back home as they are really yummy. Cakes, pastries, tarts are also very delicious things to eat when in Paris.


You cannot miss this place. Definitely go to the Laudree to enjoy the french confectionery experience. To be sure, book a table before you go as it is always full and crowded. Also make sure that you try their macaroons for which they are famous. I would suggest try other desserts when you are in the restaurant and buy macaroons for take away.

What to see:

  1. Eiffel tower – Day and Night
  2. Louvre – Mona Lisa
  3. Notre Dam
  4. Champs Elysees
  5. Arc de Triumf
  6. Shakespeare & Company
  7. Galleria Lafayette
  8. Musee D’orsay
  9. River Seine
  10. Place de la Republique

There is much more to see which cannot be put to a list. We enjoyed just walking down the narrow streets of Paris. However being a tourist you would want to go to places mentioned above. One advice, when in Paris, try and walk as much as you can to enjoy the culture and architecture.

Things to remember:

  • Do not do the mistake of getting in the tourist traps.
  • Avoid buying Eiffel tower momentous from the vendors at the Eiffel tower.
  • Bargain always wherever you go, you are a tourist.
  • Try eating at malls and local take away places to save money on food.
  • Most important, enjoy where you go and do not rush to finish the sight seeing list especially when you are in Paris.
  • There is more character to Paris than just the famous places.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Paris. To see more pictures of Paris go to Instagram: Travelinspiration17.

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