Thailand's Beauty

You would have heard a lot from people saying go to Thailand (may be for not the right reasons) and I would also like to say the same. It is beauty, untouched, nature.


Keep in mind Asian countries are not developed so you will have some issues which i will share below. But hands down if you wish to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy than you must visit Phuket. We were contemplating on where to stay in Thailand and we finally chose Renaissance Resort and Spa. It is a small city in itself. The hotel has pool, private beach, 2 restaurants, spa and a few communal places. Because it is at the beach front, the resort is secluded yet accessible from the city area. Nearly 30 min from the airport and the Old Town, Phuket it is the best place to relax and tick your sight-seeing list as well.


The Phuket beach here is very clean and has strong current. You could relax on the beach but taking a swim would be difficult. However the sunrise and sunset by the beach are divine.

Sight Seeing

Old Town

It is a small town of Thailand where you can find traditional dishes, street food, art exhibits, temples and local produce. Most of the resort have coach transfers everyday to this place (of course for a fee). In the evenings there is music shows on the street. There are pancake stalls, salad counters, fruit vendors and lots of dessert. The best part about this market is that you can eat while you shop. Art collectables are also a very unique and reasonably priced but do not forget to bargain. Trick Museum is also an interesting place to visit with family in old town phuket.

Buddha Temple

Buddhism is the major religion in Thailand. The art on the temples is very intricate and different from every other temples. Everything is golden. There are infinite number of Buddha statues inside the temple and the place is always so quite that you can meditate without closing your eyes.

Patong Beach

This is the place most of the people prefer to stay in Phuket but it is too crowded. I would suggest stay somewhere outside in a resort and you can come to Patong beach for activities like water sports, parachuting, etc. We wanted to avoid the crowds so we went to crazy gold on the rooftop. It was really fun as it was empty, just the two of us, jumping from one course to another. As it was on the highest floor, we could see the beach, the parachutes in the sky and a beautiful sunset. There is also shopping malls and shops in the area.


Thailand has the best spa treatments. Honestly i vouch for that. But be careful about where you get your spa treatments as hygiene must be your priority. There are small salons in malls where you can get foot, back and head massages in Phuket. If you are looking for full body massages then you will only find them in a full spa. Renaissance Phuket has an amazing spa treatments which we enjoyed during our stay.

  Hope this is helpful for you to plan a trip to Phuket, Thailand. Feel free to comment or ask questions about anything related to this post in the comment section.

P.s. All pictures are taken by me and are unedited. I am not promoting any particular business.

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