First journey

I still remember as a kid i loved to travel from one city to other using three different types of transportation in India. In those days there were no metros or mono rails, not even direct local trains. You would have to take a bus from a bus stop outside the town, which will take you to nearest train station (few miles away). The journeys were long but the amount of people you meet and interact with on these journeys was an experience in itself.

People would share their life stories, their happiness and sorrows, food and thoughts while travelling together. You would soon become friends and a part of their life. The struggle of reaching from one destination to another was real but it also meant that people made a lot of memories on these journeys.
Now when you see people travelling by train or tube or bus, they hardly greet each other. There is a distance between them even if they are sitting right next to each other. Times have changed and we travel by cars or bikes most of the time. Gone are the days where public transport was respected and frequently used.
Even today, i try as much as i can to travel by public transport. It is expensive but it is fun than going alone in my car. I love watching people waiting at the tram/bus/train stop. It teaches you that you must wait for the right time and ride to reach your destination. It resembles the fact that ‘In this journey of life you are not alone’. It teaches me that i will go nowhere if i don’t run to catch my train. And it also teaches me gratitude for the people who drives these vehicles so i can travel effortlessly.

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